Sticky Note Covered Glasses

We love sticky notes around here.  In fact, I have a ridiculous amount of them in my “inventory” (in case of emergency, I guess?).  One morning last week, D took a fresh pad of sticky notes, the big kind with nice lines, and began to work diligently at our kitchen table.  His system was… color/scribble on a page, tear it off, put it of our refrigerator door – until the entire pad was gone. From as high as he could reach on down, it was only scribbled sticky notes.  When I stopped to really to take it all in, I asked him if he could explain it to me.  He said, “These are love notes to daddy.  Remind me to tell him about them when he gets home.”  So later that night, when my hubby got home, D did not need reminding.  He immediately took his daddy by the hand and led him to our fridge.  D pointed to each one and “read” them to him.  “Daddy, this one says you’re tall.  This one says you’re nice.  This one says it was fun to play baseball with you yesterday.”  I was reminded of Jesus’s young mom, Mary in Luke 2:19 when she “treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”  This was a moment made for treasuring and pondering in my heart.

And since then, I’ve done so much pondering about this whole scene.  The sticky notes are still on my fridge and may be forever.   Staring at them so often during the day, I felt like there was some spiritual principle for me to learn but I wasn’t getting it.  At the same time, I’d been internally struggling with a relationship in my life in which I felt so wrongly judged, misunderstood, and hurt.  The feelings were deep and disturbing and made me question some things about who I am.  So between this and the sticky notes, my brain space was quite occupied (please don’t be startled by my little amount of brain space).  Slowly, as I opened and walked by that fridge countless times each day, those love notes somehow started to redefine me.  They were becoming such a part of me by the innocent and precious love they communicated, that I started to smile and feel love each time I saw them.  So I wondered, what if I was defined by all the sticky notes God wrote about me?  What if I saw the world through sticky note covered glasses?  Sticky notes that say truths from God’s Word such as, “You are loved” (John 3:16), “You are forgiven” (Psalm 103), “You are Mine” (Isaiah 43), “You are safe” (Isaiah 43), “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139) and on and on.  Wouldn’t it give the misjudgments of others so much less power?  Wouldn’t I be ok no matter what my circumstances are?

Lord, thank you for being so clear about the way you feel about Your children.  Thank you for loving us at a depth that I cannot humanly fathom.  Thank you for using your love to heal my hurts and motivate me to love.  Train my eyes to see myself and your world only through your Truth.  Thank you good Father.  Amen


One thought on “Sticky Note Covered Glasses

  1. I love your blog! Of course you know I am one of your biggest fans and love your writing. I can relate to your experience so well because of two fearfully and wonderful made boys who live with me!
    Pillows are always missing and strewn across the home because of forts, space ships and make-shift slides. Bugs and all life outside our door is up for examination. And of course, they adore their daddy and engage with him in adventures only fit for father and sons.
    I am thrilled you are sharing these thoughts and inspirations!

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