Arise, my Soul


Someone recently asked me what I do in the morning to wake up.  Coffee?  Shower? Etc?  Well for me, it’s exercise.  If I can get a quick walk in before everyone else wakes up, I’m usually much better equipped for the day.  It’s something that I know about myself, that my husband knows about me, and we plan our routine around my morning walk sometimes.  It’s my mental and physical wake-up.  So this morning on my walk, I was listening to some good old hymns (revamped by the masterful Travis Cottrell) and I heard “Crown Him with Many Crowns”.  One line in the song says, “Awake my soul and sing.”  I’m probably way behind the curve here, but I’ve never thought about a wake-up routine for my soul. I’ve heard lots about morning “quiet times” or routines but nothing in the way of actually waking up my soul, like a walk wakes up my body.  This was very intriguing to me.  I thought about days when I don’t pray or spend time in God’s Word in the morning, and how I generally feel much more crabby.  This is not a blanket statement for everyone but definitely true for me.  I guess I started realizing that when I don’t wake up my soul, I often respond to my day and the people in it with coldness in my heart.  Maybe I’ll hear of someone going through a suddenly rough time and think, I should take them a meal or something, but I don’t stop to pray for them or let their hurt soak into my being.  Or maybe the innocent needs of my kids are immediately irritating to me or maybe I start to list in my head all that I have done around the house that has gone unnoticed.  That is the kind of heart coldness I’m talking about.  It’s a lack of life, a lack of response, a lack of understanding of God’s mercies anew again that day (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Later this morning, we went to our church and sang a beloved song, “Arise my soul, Arise” by Charles Wesley.   So for the second time today, my thoughts came back to waking up my soul.   (I love it when God gives a message more than once.)   The lyrics are, “Arise my soul, arise.  Shake off your guilty fears.  The bleeding sacrifice on my behalf appears.  Before the throne, my Surety stands.  Before the Throne, my Surety stands.  My name is written on His hands.”  And there is my soul’s wake-up routine… daily reminding myself, early in the day, that my Surety, Jesus Christ, stands before the throne of God the Father, having paid my sin debt in full.  There is now no place for guilty fears or lifelessness in my soul.  I’m forgiven, freed from the never-ending pain of life apart from Jesus, and I’m totally welcome before God because of Jesus.  That truth breathes life into my soul and thus, praise comes out of it, both in good and crummy days.

Lord, thank you for continuing to teach me.  Thank you for drawing my mind to waking up my soul.  Thank you for the mysterious way You breathe life into my soul through your truth.  I love you.  Amen

I’d love to hear your comments… What about you?  Have you ever thought about waking up your soul?  What’s your routine?


One thought on “Arise, my Soul

  1. Sweet Betsy, I love how you think. Just yesterday morning I got up earlier then usual to start the cupcakes for LB’s party. Sometimes OI start out early days with “pump up” music to “get my body goin’. But yesterday as I opened my Pandora app on my phone, instead of clicking the usual “Eric Church” radio or my ultimate fave, “8-0’s dance”…I clicked my “How Deep the Father’s Love” radio. I then spent the next 2 hours mixing, stiring, pouring, baking and icing to the silence of my usual haze of my messy music and the loudness of God’s message for me for that day. I have no doubt that waking up soul with those hymns directed my heart for the rest of the day. Love you!

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