Sunny Green Smoothie

We are big smoothie drinkers around here.  I just can’t say how much I LOVE making smoothies for our family!  Here are just a few reasons…

1. It’s an easy one dish breakfast or meal that feeds everyone.
2.  I like that we are getting all kinds of nutritious food that my kids probably wouldn’t eat if it was all on a plate.  
3. It’s a fun experimental process.  We try everything in smoothies.  Sometimes they’re not so good but lots of times, they are delicious.  
4.  My kids and I enjoy smoothie-making together.  (I think it may be more about the high-powered, loud blender they get to operate but I’m going to tell myself it’s because they love nutrition.  Haha – can you hear me laughing through the screen?)

So here’s the recipe that all the folks in my house are drinking at this very moment… In fact, C just yelled, “More!” from the other room.

1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 cored Apple (it’s fine to leave the skin on)  We used Golden Delicious.
1 Frozen Banana
1 Peeled Orange
2 Large handfuls of Fresh Spinach
Ice to taste

Just blend it all up and enjoy!  

If you are new to smoothie making, don’t be afraid.  Just go for it!  And don’t forget to share your recipe successes! 


Rainless Life

God has stirred in my soul through the weather lately.  I wrote this poem during a downpour…

Rainless life, what would it be?
It seems like such a joy to me.
Sunshine only, no clouds or gray
to make my life seem dark that day.

Rainless life, what would it be?
How would it write my own story?
Would depth of life be true at all,
Would Jesus’s name I cease to call?

No gushing river would rise to cross.
All colors of earth would sense a loss.
What green would I know without the rain,
What health would I know without the pain?

Creator of the rain, forgive all rainless desires inside;
for rain sent by You  reveals my soul and melts my foolish pride.
So Living Water, come in your storm and weaken me to the core,
for when I am weak I can be filled by You only more and more.

God’s White

It’s snowing again today – consistent, lovely, large, fuzzy flakes.  The accumulation made for a quiet blanket across God’s earth.  

As we went out in the snow today, I was struck by just how white it is.  The sky was gray but I still needed sunglasses from the snow’s vibrant colorlessness.  Our house is painted white yet it looked dingy and yellow in comparison to God’s white.  Isaiah 1:18 says,“ ‘Come now, let us reason together’, says the Lord: ‘though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow‘ “.   As I admired God’s snow today and thought of this verse, I realized that I have no idea how “white” I am in Jesus.  He has so deeply and fully removed my sins that I am His white – white as snow, vibrant, other-worldly, reflective, and beautiful. 

Lord, thank you for the reminder today of how fully You have removed my sin and how deeply your blood has cleansed.  Forgive my unbelief and forgetfulness of this truth.  May I live in honor of You, rejoicing in the gift of Your white.  I love you.  Amen