Mercy, Part 1

Sometimes in motherhood, I just feel weary.

I want to delight in my kids.  I want to enjoy every ounce of every minute.  I want to be super organized, stress-free, and smiling but I just don’t feel it.  Period.

Enter mercy.

Merriam-Webster defines mercy as ” kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation”.  Sometimes the grind of life can feel almost desperate.  I begin each day with my plans and I end each day often thinking that I got very little of my plan accomplished.  It can be discouraging for a plan-loving girl like me.  But God’s mercy is the thing that wakes me up again each day.  It’s the reset button that prepares me to start again.  It’s the water I bathe in all day long as I mother our 3 small kids.   Mercy is the sunrise, a fresh start, a new day, a 2nd chance, forgiveness, and hope.    It’s undeserved kindness given to me from a God who doesn’t have to be kind yet chooses to.

Thank you Lord for your mercy.  It is balm to my life-chapped soul.  May all your people know the comfort and blessing of your mercy.  Amen