Just for Today

Our kids are growing up.  It’s happening slowly and quickly all at the same time.  Each of our kids seems to be at a transition point in his or her life – moving away from one stage and toward another. And before we are totally into that next, new stage, I want to take a moment to remember where and who they are today.

Drew  June 2014Drew, in many ways, you are the heartbeat of our home.  You are gifted by God with the most natural and distinct leadership capabilities.  You are fierce, loyal, and protective.  You cannot be swayed once your mind is made up.  I know that God has put that strong warrior heart in you to make a difference for Him in this world.  I love your confidence and your total lack of fear in life.  You believe God’s power and valiantly trust in it.   You are a great listener and observer.  Even when I don’t know it, you are listening and taking in your surroundings.  You are an excellent and avid learner. I love watching you discover the world.  You are drawn to music.  It seems to be a language that speaks to your soul and sticks in your mind.  I think that many of your most enduring spiritual truths will be learned through music.  You are incredibly competitive and play every game or sport with firm determination.  I love the strength of your personality.  You keep me real.  Being your mom has completely changed who I am as a person.  I’ve been stretched in ways I never thought possible and I am truly, truly thankful.  Even at 6 years old, you are becoming more of a man and less of a boy everyday and I am honored to be your Mom.

Caleb May 2014

Caleb, you are the laughter in our home.  Your body literally cannot contain the joy that radiates from your soul.  Daddy and I smile every day just from seeing you smile and interact with your world.  You are overflowing with imagination and creativity.  This photograph depicts you perfectly.  Each day you dress yourself with flair and beg for me to draw a mustache and beard on your face.  You are a talented athlete.  I’ve never seen any physical challenge that you could not tackle.  You can climb anything, pull yourself up on anything, and swing in ways I’ve never seen before.  You are also a budding artist. It seems that you see the world (and yourself) as your canvas. Most mornings, we begin the day by me finishing my devotional time with some journal writing and you right beside me drawing art in your journal.  It’s a memory I’ll cherish forever. You are the sweetest lover of cuddles.  You will choose “cuddles” over any story or song before bedtime and you still say “Yay!” when you get to snuggle in our laps. You are so tender toward brokenness.  It is as if it physically pains you to see a hurting person or animal and you are drawn to help them.  I have seen you fearlessly offer grace and mercy to many in need without considering yourself.  I see you becoming more of who God made you every day.  You are leaving the toddler years behind and entering boyhood with great excitement, curiosity, and joy.  You’ve taught me to approach life with humor, optimism, and delight.  I’m so thankful to be your Mom.


Emily Kate, you are the sunshine of our home.  You smile endlessly and have the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest demeanor.  For the rest of your life, you are going to hear, “You’re so sweet” because it is one of the first things that others notice about you.  You are extremely flexible with the noise and activity of having 2 big brothers.  You puff them up with confidence just by the way you adoringly look at them.  You are shy, friendly, feminine, and sassy. You are already the most fun companion to me.  You love to be in my arms while I put on makeup, cook, and fold clothes.  You love to just be together and I love that too!  You are already a beautiful singer. During the day, you sing or hum just as much as you talk, and at night, you always sing “Jesus Loves Me” with me before bed.  You already adore your baby dolls and take such good care of them.  You push them around the house in your little stroller, change their diapers, feed them, sing to them and rock them.  My favorite part of  watching you play this way is seeing the joy on your face.  If God one day grants you children, I feel certain that you will be the kindest, gentlest mother. You have definitely stolen your Daddy’s heart and I love the relationship you share.  I cherish the moment that he walks in the door each evening – you run to him with the biggest smile and squeal “Daddy”!  I pray you run into your Heavenly Father’s arms with the same joy and trust.  When God gave us you, he added so much love, light and tenderness to our family.  You are now moving away from the baby years and becoming more of a little girl. I have loved every minute with you so far and look forward to enjoying each stage ahead with you.  I’m so thankful to be your Mom.

And thank you God, who has, just for today, blessed me with these.



4 thoughts on “Just for Today

  1. I read this with tears of joy streaming down my face. My little godchild and niece is such a shining example of a devoted mother who cherishes the gifts that God has blessed her with.

  2. crying! such a beautiful way to memorialize their lives as they grow. you are the mother you envision Emily Kate becoming.

  3. Betsy, I absolutely love this snapshot in time that you have shared. I love your sweet babies so much and am so grateful that God gave them you to be their Mommy!

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