God Whispers

Thank God our newest addition, Flint, finally did arrive on Christmas Eve, 2015.  He is a total blessing and joy to our family.  Something about having new babies around makes me very reflective.  My heart feels full of things I could write here.IMG_5462

Today as my 2 littlest were napping, I took my lunch outside, left my phone and all reading material inside, and just sat and listened.  Have you ever noticed how the wind rushing through bare trees sounds so much like the ocean waves?  Have you seen how quickly light can change everything around you just because of a cloud blowing in front of the sun?  Have you watched a tall tree sway violently at its top but stay still and steady at its base?  These are all the things I treasured in my silently loud lunch today.  And in watching all this, God whispered to my heart.


The way the wind roams freely and affects everything in its path – that is so much like God.  He does not change but He does indeed move.  That one thing breathed hope into my soul.  My changeless Rock, my wise and loving Father, is moving in this fallen world.  He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him (Rom.8:28).  He is finishing what He started (Phil. 1:6).  His truth has not changed but it is on the move.

The way the tall trees sway at the top but stay still at the bottom – that is me and God’s calling on my life as a Christ-follower in this world.  I am rooted deep in Him and those roots will not be severed because of His faithfulness.  The truth of His Word is what grows those roots deeper and deeper and makes me stronger and stronger.  But those roots are not meant to make the entire tree stuck in space like a statue.  Instead, the strength of the roots allows the tree to bend, sway, carry great weight, and even drop weight when branches break.  All this happens without damage to the roots but rather, because of the roots. Like the tree, I also am meant to sway – bend in serving others, put my own goals aside at times, listen to others, humbly learn, carry weight or burdens of others, drop weight or burdens not from God…all while staying firmly rooted in Him, because of Him.

God, thank you for your whispers of truth through all creation.  Help us to listen more.  Thank you for your truth and for being on the move in this world.  Grow my roots deeper in You and teach me to sway with beauty for your glory.  Amen


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