Team Mom

There are so many different moms in the world, so many different labels even – the natural mom, the working mom, the stay at home mom, the crunchy mom, the attached mom, the helicopter mom, the nervous mom, the older mom, the controlling mom, the young mom, the new mom, the step mom, the room mom, the laid-back mom, the adoptive mom, and on and on.  It’s kind of a tough “mom world” out there yet I believe Moms are some of the world’s most powerful people.  Each day, I get to influence 4 little humans by my attitude, my priorities, my body language, my looks, my words, my touch, and by the way I spend time.   One day, those little humans will grow up and influence countless others in their own way.  The extending branches and fruit of motherhood truly cannot be measured.  No matter what label you have or don’t have, your job as a Mom is highly important.

People with highly important jobs like us need teammates and support systems.  In my opinion, every mother, no matter what her walk of life, is on the Mom Team.   We are walking through this crazy season of life at the same time, on the same earth together.  So why are mothers sometimes so ugly to other mothers?  Why is there so much competition and territorial behavior?  (If you don’t think this is true, just attend a youth sporting event or be the new gal somewhere.  These less-than-lovely behaviors show up far too quickly.)  I’m not sure if I can say why moms are sometimes ugly to each other, but I do think that it has something to do with what is going on inside that mom.  So many of us bear bruises and scars, carry insecurities, and deal with crazy hormones – all influencing us to behave in ways that are challenging.  We must have compassion on others for these things, remembering that people are much deeper and more complex than many interactions will reveal.

Two of our boys are currently playing football.  When they were put on their teams, both knew only one or two other boys.  They did not pick their teammates or their team but now they all play together as one great team.   So it should be in motherhood – moms from different walks of life playing together with kindness, support, vigor, and encouragement.  If only we could view those around us as our teammates, thinking about those whom we may not have picked, and wondering what we can learn from them.  There have been many times in my motherhood journey when a mom has handled something differently than I would or when she has done things I don’t understand or even don’t agree with.  In my thoughts, I have responded poorly more often than not.  But but God’s mercy and grace, I am reaching for a higher standard, a more loving and selfless one.  Maybe I can respond in love when I do not align with the practice of another mom.  Maybe I could get to know her better and thus, possibly understand her and learn from her.  Maybe I could leave my mom group and befriend a mom standing alone.  Maybe I could excuse myself when conversation turns toward talking about another mom.  Maybe I could pray for her instead of just thinking about her.  Maybe I could get over myself and compliment her with sincerity and generosity.  Maybe I could use social media to embrace and portray real life instead of our very best moments.  Maybe I could be just the tiny voice saying “Team Mom, Team Mom, Team Mom!” and perhaps hands and hearts would start to join, even the unlikely ones.  Anyone with me?


5 thoughts on “Team Mom

  1. Oh Betsy, what a lovely call for action to the most powerful, influential, loving group of humans on the earth. I have said for years that being a mother is the single most important job anyone could have. Now that we have the job, how about we all join “Team Mom” and use our power and strength to make the world a better place — together??

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