If life is about finding balance, then I have a long way to go. Maybe it’s because I stink at balance, or maybe it’s because my life is constantly changing, or maybe it’s because finding balance is an actual impossibility. I’ve read many an article via Pinterest telling me how to balance my house cleaning routine or meal planning or finances. But nothing yet has actually told me how to balance a life that involves 3 children, 1 husband, 5 demanding schedules, being a full-time mom while also working 2 part time jobs, cooking meals that are tasty yet safe for our family’s food allergies, keeping the house clean and laundry done, cultivating friendships and other relationships, and tending to my own personal needs. When I look at that list, “balance” seems like a laughable goal.

Thankfully, God is teaching me one simple truth that is slowly and steadily working it’s way into every crevice of my being. There IS an important balance to be found in life, and that is the balance between letting go and holding on.IMG_4071

In every area of my life, and in my life as a whole, I have choices of what to let go of and what to hold on to. Will I let go of my selfishness and hold on to serving others in love and joy? Will I let go of my own expectations and hold on to the moment at hand? Will I let go of past regrets and hold on to the truth of righteousness in Jesus? Will I let go of my will and hold on to God’s? Recent introspection reveals that I’ve often chosen wrongly, holding on to what needs to be let go. I choose to let go of hope and hold on to resentment. I choose to let go of truth and hold on to lies. I choose to let go discipline and hold on to ease. The list could go on and on. How grateful I am for our Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who reveals His thoughts to us in love, spurring us on toward His likeness. IMG_3962

I am convinced that I will never be an example of a balanced life, nor do I necessarily even aspire to it. I do however want to learn this one lesson really well. I want to be one who chooses wisely of what to hold on to and what to let go. And in that choosing, I hope to be one who can love and live with balanced, honest, unbound sincerity.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good.” Romans 12:9