Beach Moments

I just got back from a last minute beach trip.  Yes, I drove 9 hours in the car with my 3 kids by myself.  I know I’m insane but I really love the beach.  So does our oldest son.  We could totally be beach bums together.  On our last night, the other 2 kids were asleep and I was about to put D to bed.  He asked me to cuddle and I said, “Since it’s our last night and we both love the beach so much, why don’t we cuddle out on the deck (attached to our room)?” So out we went, snuggled up together and were silent, in awe of God and His creation.  The stars were gorgeous that night and the moon’s sliver offered the perfect amount of light. The beach was dotted with hundreds of crab hunter’s twinkling flashlights. It was a night I’ll always remember.  Then I said to D, “You know one reason why I love the beach? It always makes me think of God.  You know how when you make something, it is smaller than you?  When you color a picture, how big is it?”  D showed me the approximate size with his little 5 year old hands.  I said, “So you’re a lot bigger than the picture you made.  If God made all this, how big do you think He is?”  D was very thoughtful for a few moments and then said, “Whoa, He must be huge.  This whole ocean is probably like God’s sink, not even His bath tub.  He can probably just fit His big toe in this.”  I said, “It just makes me want to sing a praise song to Him.”  He said, “Me too.  I’ve got the perfect one.”  And he turned his little man face up to the sky and sang the most beautiful made up praise song I’ve ever heard.  I wrote down all that I could remember after we came in..  You gotta love the little kid randomness and sincerity.

“Holy Spirit, come fill me. You give us peace and quiet in our hearts. Feel the breeze.  Feel His peace.  You will save us from our sins.  When we are in war, you fight for us.  Jesus, you are like a diamond.  You made the moon and we love you more than anything.  True Hope, you will save us forever.  Your creation is bigger than every creation.  You are the Holy God.  You love your children more than every single part of the world.  You love us more than anything.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


Our beach boy.